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Solo Sex!

Solo Sex – it’s sex with someone you love! Find out why I don’t call it masturbation and why it’s so good and important to do.

The Crescent Pillow

The Crescent Pillow can make sex better by providing more position options and easing some body limitations!

A Glimpse Into Vaginal Ecology

A Glimpse Into Vaginal Ecology Here’s a super short introduction to the basic idea of vaginal ecology. For the much more in-depth version, start here with Vaginal Ecology: An Owner’s Guide to Care & Maintenance (Pt 1) and then go here for part two, Vaginal Ecology: An Owner’s Guide to Care & Maintenance. An Elegant […]

Just Take a Couple of Slow Deep Breaths

Here’s a simple breath technique for relaxing, getting centered and present. Good for sex and for the rest of your life, too! (JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.)