Two National Book Awards

Our publishing imprint Mango Garden Press has published four books. Two have received the national Book of the Year award from the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Sheri Winston’s Women’s Anatomy of Arousal won in 2010 and Carl Frankel’s Secrets of the Sex Masters won in 2015.


“Sheri is an exciting and passionate teacher with access to a realms of information that should be part of every woman’s knowledge base.” (Whapio Diane Bartlett, Founder & Director of The Matrona Holistic Midwifery Program, Seattle, WA)

“Good For Her has hosted many of Sheri’s workshops over the years and we have been extremely pleased with them. As a sexuality educator, I have always learned something new from Sheri. Participants have appreciated her thoroughness and passion and knowledge. She is well worth learning from if you want to become a better lover of yourself and/or others!” (Carlyle Jansen, Toronto, Ontario, owner of sexuality boutique Good For Her)

“At 58 years of age with 35 years of therapeutic bodywork practice and yoga teaching under my belt, I really thought there was nothing Sheri could teach me that I didn’t already know about the workings of the human body-mind. I am pleased at how wrong I was! I have been having lots of fun with my new understanding of my own intimate anatomy, not to mention my expanded vocabulary! Sheri’s knowledge of human sexual anatomy reaches far beyond the standard textbooks and her entertaining teaching style is not to be missed. At long last, a sex educator who cuts through our unnecessary discomfort about the most pleasurable aspect of being human! Hooray!!!” (Dee Gold, Gaithersburg, MD, yoga teacher and bodyworker)

“Sheri Winston is one of the most powerful and compassionate women I know. She fearlessly and playfully offers her self-awareness, movement/breath/sound practices and her understanding of the gift of being a woman. Her classes have expanded my concept of healthy relationships, expanded my orgasms, expanded the permission I give my voice, and decorated my visceral playground.” (Zahava Griss, New York City, student)

“The sacred sexuality retreat was and still is an amazing step. The exercises mental, physical, emotional, and social were powerful tools to continue using. What’s still working for me, is just an overall sense of well-being, and I feel less constricted about my sexuality. Plus, I found it exciting to see that sexuality can be used to heal the world.” (Jack Albertz, North Carolina, workshop attendee)

“I just want to thank you from the bottom of my … er, heart for the best, most important class I have ever taken. My husband would also probably like to thank you for what he called the best sex he ever had.” (Mary P., NJ, workshop attendee)

“CHOICE, a group dedicated to promoting sexual health and safety, of Vassar College, loves Sheri Winston! Her workshops were wonderful … lots of important information presented in a relaxed and enjoyable manner. Sheri is very open and approachable, and students felt comfortable asking her anything.” (Allison Herron, Vassar College, CHOICE (student organization promoting sexual health) chairperson, 2000-2003

“Sheri is the ultimate Übergoddess of juicyness. She is brilliant, hysterically funny, encyclopedic in her knowledge of sexuality, wise, intensely compassionate and irreverently reverent. Her love of life spills forth in everything she does. This is why God created human—so they could be more like her.” (John T. Houseman, Woodstock, NY, tantra teacher)

“Until your demonstration of the three-breath orgasm, I had no idea it was possible to have one with no physical contact, let alone no genital contact. I went home after your workshop, and a friend came over and … took out some organic chocolate … he gave me a spoonful, then another, and another. On the fourth spoonful, I had an orgasm! Just standing there by him with the chocolate dissolving in my mouth. Fully dressed, no physical contact. Full body big O that had me flushed, panting, shuddering wildly. After that, he held my hands and I had orgasm after orgasm for another two hours. Only holding hands! Talk about safe sex. So, all I can say about your teaching is, wOw!!! Talk about quick results and high impact!!” (“Nancy,” student, Toronto, Ontario)

“Not to put too fine a point on it: Holy. Cow. Sheri’s method works … think the difference between winning a spider ring at skee ball and winning the slots jackpot in Monte Carlo. It’s like opening a door in your house and discovering a set of rooms you never knew you had. I’m so glad I didn’t think I knew it all.” (Liz Langley, writer, Tampa, FL)

“Sheri is funny, sexy, intuitive, educational, knowledgeable, caring, informative—and always fun. She is like a walking, talking version of Our Bodies, Our Selves, only updated and more accurate.” (Pat Parisi, sexuality educator, Toronto, Ontario)

“I am so thankful I was able to learn from you, it was truly an amazing experience. Thank you!” (Jennifer Goodwin, workshop attendee)

“Sheri and the material she presents stand out wonderfully and have practical application. She’s smart, a good presenter, knows her stuff and is sooo funny. It’s a joy to learn from her. If you are interested in what she has to offer, I highly recommend her!” (Bill Francis, workshop attendee)

“Thank you so much for that incredible class. You’ve opened up a whole new world to me. You do an amazing job of putting people at ease in a class that could be very hard and uncomfortable. That you were able to lie down on the floor and demonstrate the meditation for us was fabulous and speaks volumes about your abilities to teach and faith in your own teachings. You truly practice what you preach!” (Aviva Maidman, workshop attendee, New York City)

“As a women and midwife (with over 35 years of practice), I wondered what more there was to learn and was delighted to attend your workshop and to learn even more about women’s sexuality. I think Sheri’s workshops should be required for all women’s health providers.” (Jenna Houston, certified nurse-midwife, Big Indian, New York)

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Sex Is Natural. So Why Are So Many People So Bad at It?
The truth is, everyone can use some adult sex education.
By Liz Langley, AlterNet. Posted March 3, 2009.

Leave it to me to bogart the pussy. The pussy isn’t mine, it isn’t real and it isn’t the only one I’ll be seeing in the next few days. It is a luxuriant, anatomically correct pillow about the size of a large cat (no kidding).

It belongs to Sheri Winston, sex educator, counselor, former nurse practitioner/midwife and founder of the Center for the Intimate Arts, who is here in Orlando, Fla., to teach classes on Wholistic SexualityTM. It’s an approach that feels intuitive, taking broad scope of influences into account — culture, history, biology and mostly our relationship with oursevles — in helping us develop our sexual potential. Winston’s pillow has a velvety vestibule, silky lips and a pearly little clitoris that winks out from the upper center, all to better illustrate points in some of the 52 classes she feels a passionate calling to teach.

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The Key to Sexual Happiness Lindy Shepherd, The Orlando Weekly.

“In order to have great sex, we need great maps,” [Winston] says. “One map we don’t have is an understanding of female genitalia, and this is a sad thing and it’s one of the big, big things my book talks about … a re-visioning of the female genitalia, understanding this equipment. Our understanding of female anatomy is incomplete.”

She offers as an example the remedial level of common knowledge about the physiology of sex. Winston firmly states, “Erectile tissue is what a penis is mostly made up of and that’s what gives it the ability to give pleasure. Women have just as much erectile tissue — pound for pound, inch for inch — except for us it is not in an obvious place. Ours is arranged in a network of inner structures.

“Women and medical professionals don’t know where those structures are. Many are not even included in our textbooks or sexuality books. And when we don’t know what’s there, we can’t make the best use of it,” she concludes.

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