Recorded Single Classes

Our recorded online classes are lavishly illustrated lectures by Sheri that you can “attend” online anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like. That’s right: the number of views is unlimited! 

We have three recorded online classes. Each class runs 1.5 hours. Most but not all were recorded live and include a Q&A.

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an e-mail with specifics about how to access the class. If for some reason you don’t get that e-mail, please contact us and we’ll make sure you get the necessary link.

*Technical note: If you have a Mac, you need OS X 10.5 or higher to access these classes.

The Ecstatic Journey of Birth & Sex – The Integral Trances of Pleasure & Procreation

Birth & sex aren’t separate events that happen 9 months apart — labor, arousal, birth & orgasm share the same equipment & pathways. They’re aspects of the same trance journey—profound & connected altered states of consciousness. Discover the connections between pleasure, procreation, fertility & ecstasy. This essential class describes the inherent connections between labor and birth, sexual arousal and orgasm, and more. For midwives, current and future mothers, and anyone interested in ecstatic sex!

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Hot Wholistic Sexuality: A New Vision of Sexual Integration and Empowerment

Do you want your sexuality to be a powerful force of energy, growth and healing? An ecstatic source of pleasure and joy in your life? Then this class is for you! Discover Wholistic Sexuality a transformative new model that integrates your sexuality with yourself and your world, in an empowering vision of pleasure, passion, power and possibilities.

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The Pussies and Puppies School of Love: Mastering the Dance of Feminine & Masculine

We’re all human but the ways our sexuality manifests, how our erotic energy operates and what turns us on is often different for men and women. But in what ways? Is there a simple way to understand the complexities of erotic energy? In this class, master teacher Sheri Winston shares a simple, practical framework for understanding the complementary masculine and feminine operating systems and how they tend to play out for men and women; the dynamics of attraction and desire; the polarities of sexual desire; ways to keep the juice flowing in long-term relationships; and how to play really nicely with others. You’ll leave this class with fresh insights into your own core erotic nature, that of your partner(s), and how to find that special hot & empathetic groove, whether it’s your first time together or you’ve been sharing a bed for decades. While this class may be geared toward people who are heterosexual, many of the same dynamics often play out for same-sex partners because it really is about energy not plumbing. So this class is a useful one whatever equipment you or your partners have!

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