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Sex Is Natural. So Why Are So Many People So Bad at It?
The truth is, everyone can use some adult sex education.
By Liz Langley, AlterNet. Posted March 3, 2009.

Leave it to me to bogart the pussy. The pussy isn’t mine, it isn’t real and it isn’t the only one I’ll be seeing in the next few days. It is a luxuriant, anatomically correct pillow about the size of a large cat (no kidding).
It belongs to Sheri Winston, sex educator, counselor, former nurse practitioner/midwife and founder of the Center for the Intimate Arts, who is here in Orlando, Fla., to teach classes on Wholistic SexualityTM. It’s an approach that feels intuitive, taking broad scope of influences into account — culture, history, biology and mostly our relationship with oursevles — in helping us develop our sexual potential. Winston’s pillow has a velvety vestibule, silky lips and a pearly little clitoris that winks out from the upper center, all to better illustrate points in some of the 52 classes she feels a passionate calling to teach.

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