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Take the Vulva Pillow Tour

Want to Know More? Read the following Blogs: See the Erectile Network here: Be VulvaWise. For more details about the different structures, take a look at this post: The Missing Female Pleasure Parts. For more information on what’s been misunderstood and neglected, here’s another post: Lost Sexy Bits. (It includes a quickie home play assignment.) […]

Be Vulva Wise

What Does That Mean? To be VULVA WISE means that you understand the basics of female genital anatomy, including the parts that most people (yes, even sex educators, doctor, midwives and other experts) don’t know about. What Is This Image? This is the Female Erectile Network! It’s an awesome set of interconnected but separate female […]

Vaginal Sweet Spots

Q: Are you Familiar with the A-spot? I am re-reading your awesome book ‘woman’s anatomy of arousal’ and was curious to know if you have heard of the A-spot? From what I can tell is that there hasn’t been much research done on this area. – Christina from ConfidentLovers.com A: Hi Christina, Thanks for your […]

Breath: Your Most Basic Body Tool

In the Beginning Was the Breath Breath. It’s the foundation of life itself, one of the unchanging rhythms of existence. When you were born, the first thing you did was breathe—you ‘inspired.’ When you stop breathing, you die—you ‘expire.’ Breath: The Bridge to Somewhere No one had to teach you how to breathe. The pattern […]