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When you register with Winston Wellbeing, you are NOT obligated to buy anything. We hope you’ll choose to become a customer, of course. That’s why we’re sending you to Winston Wellbeing with the offer of a free ebook! If you take supplements, you won’t find a better place to buy them than at Winston Wellbeing. Read on to find out why …

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  • Support our work! With every purchase, you’ll be supporting the cause of pleasure-positivity. Plus which, 20% of our proceeds are donated to Tennis for Good, a nonprofit Sheri’s husband Carl Frankel founded that helps bring the game to people in low-asset communities around the world. Kids in the slums of Kampala, women in refugee camps, people in orphanages and homeless shelters, and so on …

With Winston Wellbeing, you get a true ‘win-win-win!’ It’s great for your health and your wallet, you’re supporting Sheri’s work, and you’re helping to bring the great game of tennis with all its life lessons to people around the world. Please claim your free ebook and check out Winston Wellbeing!


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  3. You may not purchase for resale. Purchase must be for personal use only.
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  5. Sheri Winston does not recommend specific supplements or supplement protocols.
  6. The items sold through Winston Wellbeing are widely available at retail and have been deemed safe for consumption. By purchasing products at Winston Wellbeing, you assume the risk of any and all negative health outcomes that may be associated with said purchase, and you agree not to seek financial or other compensation for said outcomes from the Intimate Arts Center, any successor organization(s), and/or its owners and/or employees. Intimate Arts Center expressly disclaims any and all legal liability for negative health outcomes from the use of products purchased at Winston Wellbeing.