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Intimate Arts Online

Your Online Center for Empowering Erotic Education

An overview of what we do—and what’s in it for you!

Our Online Offerings

We offer virtual classes, courses and clusters:

  • Classes are a single session, usually 75-90 minutes long.
  • Courses are multi-class series, usually four sessions although occasionally fewer.
  • Clusters are multiple consecutive courses that focus on similar, related subjects. Special discounts when you purchase a course cluster!

Live & Recorded: What You Get

Live & Recorded Offerings

We offer both live and recorded products.

Live Courses

A course is a series of classes, usually four sessions. In these courses, you get to ‘attend’ live webinar classes where you can participate, comment and get your questions answered. If you can’t make it to a live session, you can still access the recorded replay anytime. In fact, you get lifetime access to the recorded versions of the classes. You also get lots of yummy extras, including additional resources (text, audio and video), specially-designed ‘home play’ assignments to help you embody the education, weekly support emails, special deals, and inclusion in our private Intimate Arts Online co-learning community. (None currently scheduled)

Recorded Courses

Purchasers of our evergreen courses get lifetime access to the series of recorded classes plus additional text, audio and video resources, suggested ‘home play’ assignments and, often, special deals.

Recorded Classes

Purchasers of our single session classes get lifetime access to the recorded class which includes Sheri’s lecture and delightful and informative images.

Your Cost

Our live courses usually cost $99 for a 3-class course and $129 for a 4-class course.
Our recorded classes usually cost $67.
Individual recorded classes cost $19.95.

We offer SPECIAL DEALS regularly! Save (sometimes up to 50%!) on our already low prices! The best way to know when they’re happening? Get on our email list!

Why Choose Erotic Education Online?

Developing your sex and relationship skills online has many advantages.

It’s convenient. You don’t have to travel somewhere to attend an event among strangers. Although it’s great to participate in the live classes in real time, you can watch them anytime you want—and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

It’s affordable and it offers great value. A very modest investment gets you a lifetime of more pleasure.

It’s safe and comfortable. From the comfort of your home—need we say more?

It’s fun! People really enjoy Sheri’s classes. They’re lighthearted and entertaining as well as massively informative. When you take a live online course, you also get a private online co-learning community—and that’s fun, too!

Our Current Offerings

Live Online Courses (None currently scheduled)


Recorded Online Courses ($67)

“Sheri could not be a better teacher. She is sharing adult sexual information that can’t be found anywhere else. Her presentation on anatomy is earth-shaking. Her work should be the gateway for all teachers and students seeking mastery in adult sexuality. Thank you so much! (Donna L., New York, NY)

Still Undecided?

Check out our online erotic education FAQ!