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Sheri Winston

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For Men & Women, Singles & Partners

Sheri Winston CNM, RN, BSN, LMT
Wholistic Sexuality Teacher

Sheri Winston has decades of experience in women’s health care as a certified nurse-midwife and gynecology practitioner, and in general and holistic health as a registered nurse, holistic healer and licensed massage therapist. She offers private consultations, counseling and coaching—in person or via phone/Skype—to men, women, singles and partners.

All sessions are crafted to met your needs. Consultations, private classes or coaching sessions may lead to information, advice or recommendations about treatment (herbs, supplements, nutrition), specific techniques or exercises, the healing use of ceremony, and/or referral to resources, as well as caring and compassionate emotional support. Depending on the issues, varying amounts of therapeutic counseling and education may be provided. There is no hands-on contact or sex during sessions.

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Solo (1 person) Consultations:

  • Solo consult, one session, 1 hour: $235-$295
  • Solo consult, one session, 90 minutes: $335-$395

Solo Session Series (1 person): (pre-paid package)

  • Four one-hour sessions: $795-$945

Partners Consultations:
Two (or more) clients are involved in the sessions. One 90 minute session is the absolute minimum for couples. In general, for partners, a four session package is recommended.

  • 90 minutes: $335-$395
  • Five-hours (four-session package): $995-$1195. Usually structured as one separate 60-minute session with each partner, followed by two 90-minute sessions with the partners together.

We offer special money-saving packages for people who would benefit from a series of coaching sessions.

We offer sliding scale rates and do our best to accommodate people who cannot afford our usual fees. Please contact us to discuss sliding scale rates.

For more detailed information or to schedule appointments, please contact us!

Education, Consultation, Counseling & Coaching Areas

Wholistic Sexuality™ & Intimate Relationships:
•    Developing orgasmic proficiency, expanding orgasmic ability
•    Low libido
•    Disharmonic couples (e.g., discrepant libidos, desires, proclivities)
•    Becoming an erotic virtuoso—expanding erotic skills and techniques
•    Breaking free of blocks and inhibitions
•    Healing trauma (and related issues and challenges)
•    Expanding solo sex
•    Re-igniting the spark in long-term partnerships
•    “Unconventional” relationship issues arising out of activities like swinging, polyamory and kink
•    Communication challenges
•    Other relationship issues
•    Age-related issues for mid-life and beyond (menopause, libido, etc)
•    For people near the beginning of their sexual journey (usually for people in their teens or twenties)
•    Anything else at the intersection of Health and Sexuality

WomanCare and Sexual Health:
•    Vaginal Infections, especially chronic recurrent problems
•    Urinary Infections, especially chronic recurrent problems
•    Sexually Transmitted Infections (For men, too)
•    Menstrual Problems
•    Pelvic Pain
•    Sexual Health Issues (For men, too)
— Painful Sex
— Lack of Libido
— Non-orgasmic Response
— Safer Sex
•    Birth Control Counseling Including Natural & Non-Hormonal Methods & Natural Family Planning
•    Breastfeeding Problems
•    Childbirth Options, Pregnancy and Birth Issues Counseling
— Emotional Issues
— Birth Options Counseling
— Post-partum Counseling
— Previous C-Section, Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

My pelvis thanks you! So does my partner.
– Jen Winders, Albany, NY, Doula, counseling client & workshop attendee

Making an Appointment

As noted above, you can schedule a free 15-minute conversation to explain your issues and explore whether it makes sense to work with Sheri. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

You confidently and in a relaxed way gave us very useful information and some of it helped to normalize my sexual feelings. This is an unusual and important service you provide… so thanks! (Amy Myslik, Health Educator, Tillson, NY)

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