Discover how much you’ve been missing, and how much pleasure you’re capable of experiencing!

Four Recorded Classes with Sheri

Award-winning sex teacher Sheri Winston shares essential information that we all need for our own or our partner’s sexual fulfillment. With this new knowledge, you’ll be able to expand your arousal and orgasm. Use these new maps of female sexuality and erotic energy to experience the full ecstatic pleasure that is your birthright—and your partner’s, too! 

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This course includes:

  • Four recorded class sessions.
  • Your private Home Room page with tons of additional resources, such as articles, book suggestions and video resources,
  • Specially designed Home Play Assignments to help you embody the learning.
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the recorded webinars.
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Hear what Sheri’s students are saying about her courses:

I would jump at the chance to take another class with Sheri. She creates a safe, wise, tasteful, respectful and loving environment. What and how she teaches is life-changing in the best way. And she makes me laugh! (Robin S., Washington DC)

What You’ll Learn, Week by Week

Week One:

  • Old and new: maps and models of sex
  • Language
  • History
    • Western views of women and women’s sexuality
    • Learning the body: the study of anatomy
  • Genital amnesia
  • One integral system: babies, bliss and bonding

Week Two:

  • Old models of men and women
  • New models of polarity
    • Yin and yang
    • Pussies and puppies
    • Core-yang (most men) and core-yin (most women) sexual energy and arousal patterns

Week Three:

  • Sexual energy
  • Erotic energy maps
  • Techniques and tips
  • Partner support
  • Toys

Week Four:

  • Desiring differently
  • Turning on your pussycat
    • Solo practices
    • Partner practices
    • Partner communication
  • Owning outrageous female pleasure



About Sheri Winston

webWINSTON4.2-crop3-retouched-200X200pxSheri Winston is a celebrated sexuality teacher, an award-winning author and a medical professional. She brings over two decades of experience as a certified nurse-midwife and gynecology practitioner plus over a decade as a sex teacher to her work on sex, sexuality, women’s health and relationships. Her book Women’s Anatomy of Arousal: Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure won the 2010 Book of the Year award (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists)

“Sheri Winston is funny, sexy, intuitive, educational, knowledgeable, caring, informative—and always fun. She is like a walking, talking version of Our Bodies, Our Selves, only updated and more accurate.” (Pat Parisi, sexuality educator, Toronto, Ontario)

“Sheri’s knowledge of human sexual anatomy reaches far beyond the standard textbooks and her entertaining teaching style is not to be missed. At long last, a sex educator who cuts through our unnecessary discomfort about the most pleasurable aspect of being human! Hooray!!!” (Dee Gold, Gaithersburg, MD, yoga teacher and bodyworker)


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