FAQ: In-Person Class & Workshop

The three most frequently asked questions of all:

Sex Classes? What Happens at … Sex Classes?

Learning happens. Sex doesn’t. People do NOT get naked. Sheri’s in-person classes are non-threatening, easy on the nerves, and totally respectful of your boundaries. You will never be asked to say or do anything that might make you uncomfortable. They’re also informative, fun, fascinating and practical!

When and Where?

To see where Sheri’s teaching live, see her Schedule. And you may also want to check out the super convenient Online Classes – perfect anywhere, anytime!

Who are the classes for?

We offer a wide variety of workshops, programs and classes for:

  • The General Public
  • Men, Women, Singles, Couples, of all Preferences, Inclinations, and Orientations
  • Educational Institutions, Businesses and Organizations
  • Health Care, Therapy and Sexuality Professionals
  • You!

Search the FAQ for your other queries:

Frequently Asked Questions About Intimate Arts Classes

Are Classes Only for Women?

Most classes are for both men and women. A few classes are for men-only or women-only. When this is the case, it is always noted. Almost any class can also be adapted to the needs of a specific group at the request of the event organizer, so single-gender classes can be arranged.

Are Classes Only For People in a Relationship?

Absolutely not. Most Intimate Arts classes focus on you and your internal skills and abilities, so they are for everyone regardless of relationship status.

Are Classes Only For Straight People?

Classes are for folks of all orientations, preferences, and inclinations–straight, gay, bi, trans, intersex or pansexual.

What is the origin of the Intimate arts Curriculum?

The Intimate Arts curriculum is based on the paradigm of Wholistic Sexuality, so classes are designed to help you understand that, first and foremost, healthy sexuality begins with your relationship with your self. Also, that sex is something that can be, indeed that needs to be, learned. Everyone can learn to have satisfying, fabulous, expansive, mind-opening sex. To learn more about Wholistic Sexuality, read this introductory article by Sheri Winston and peruse the other information in our Learning Center.

Where Can I Attend An Intimate Arts Sexuality Class?

Sheri Winston, founder of the Center, travels around the US and Canada teaching Intimate Arts workshops. Please visit our event calendar or subscribe to our email newsletter List for notification of upcoming events.Classes are also available via teleclasses, webinars, downloadable ebooks and other products, so that anyone can attend regardless of location.

Can I Arrange for Classes in My Area?

Yes! If you’re interested in sponsoring a workshop in your area or booking Sheri Winston as a speaker, please visit our sponsor and booking page or contact us regarding your interest. We’ll send you an information packet for you to look over and decide if you want to pursue co-creating empowering erotic education in your community.

Are there Distance Learning Options?

We currently offer teleclasses, webinars and more.Stay on top of Sheri’s online and in-person teaching schedule by visiting our website regularly or subscribing to our newsletter.

What Happens in Class?

Classes may include lectures, use of visual aids and models, embodied skills, facilitated discussion, ceremony and more. The courses in the Intimate Arts curriculum utilize methods ranging from pure presentation to experiential playshops with participatory exercises and learning games (done alone or with a partner, depending on the class). Everything is done within your own boundaries of comfort and safety. There is no actual sex in any of the classes. See individual class descriptions for more information.

Do I Have To Get Naked?

No. No sex, no nudity.

Is There Public Sex?

All of these classes are “clothes on, hands off” experiences, in other words, there is no sex in class.However, we do expect that you’ll utilize your new learning in private so there is often homework (or as we like to call it, homeplay) assigned. Hopefully it will be the most fun you’ve ever had doing homework!Some classes do involve non-sexual contact, which is always done within your boundaries of comfort and safety. Where this is the case, it is noted in the individual class descriptions.

Are There Other Classes?

If you’re considering sponsoring or booking Sheri, please note that the curriculum is flexible. Many Intimate Arts classes can be presented in abbreviated or lengthened format.Specialized classes can also be designed to meet the needs of program organizers.For notification of upcoming events, subscribe to our newsletter.To sponsor a class in your area or book Sheri for your event, please see our sponsor and booking page for more information, then contact us to explore the possibilities.

How Long are the Classes? Can They Be Longer or Shorter?

Class start and end times are always provided in the promotional literature and on the schedule.For those interested in sponsoring or booking: short programs are anywhere from 1 to 3 hours, and are usually done as an evening or afternoon class. Many programs can be condensed to fit into a conference session time slot.Full day classes includes 6 to 7 hours of teaching time, with a lunch break.Intensives can be one or two full days.Retreats are usually a full weekend, from Friday morning or evening through Sunday afternoon or evening.

Can I Get a Break on the Pricing?

Sometimes. We want people to attend our classes! If money is an issue, contact us and we’ll try to work something out. These are challenging economic times. We want to be helpful.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Not usually. Registrants will be notified if they need to bring anything.

What is WomanCraft?

This is a small curriculum of classes focused on issues most relevant to women. The term “WomanCraft” describes the body of knowledge every woman needs to have about herself, her body, mind and spirit, particularly that which specifically relates to being female. It was coined by the renowned herbalist and midwife, the late Jeanine Parvati Baker.These classes encourage women to understand that they can improve and facilitate many aspects of their health, prevent illness, and heal themselves. These classes incorporate knowledge of the truth of female anatomy (not the half-truth in books), how your generative organs function, how to care for your female parts (loving self-care, hygiene, and prevention of problems), as well as sexual, menstrual, menopausal and childbearing health. This information is about spreading empowering knowledge, as a way to reinforce and support women’s inherent wisdom, to empower women to possess the knowledge and the wisdom to care for themselves, to know and love their female body and all it’s wondrous functions and abilities.

I Have a Question or Concern Not Listed Here or I Want More Information.

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