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    1. Anya-Heidi Oravasaari
      Anya-Heidi Oravasaari says:

      Dear Sheri,
      Deeply touched by your aliveness, energy and heart, humor and kindness in today’s class you gave at Kimberly’s group.
      I have known of your for so many years yet never read your book. Being non native speaker of English I find still reading books
      bit intimidating and tirying.. And I am learning best through exploring and by directly from those who have the terrain more explored. By listening you today, lot what I knew.. penny just dropped deeper and ha I learned something new, simen hotels!!! I have been on path of tantra and conscious sexuality for couple decades yet my own exploring still has so much more instore. I had a sense maybe you could explain and open up some of my experiences for me deeper.

      I was so touched by you Sheri. What an amazing woman, teacher and huge hearted human I found you. Bit like when Elena’s birth trauma work came into my life… bit similar hit with you in my system. And when I can intend to learn more from you. I wonder how much your private sessions are or is there some other way to ask you questions?

      much much love from Findhorn, Scotland


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