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Puddle Pads for Glorious Gushers

If you gush, you need puddle pads. Here are two options.

Do Women Really Have a G-Spot?

Yes, women do have a wonderful internal place that responds to the right kind of stimulation, at the right time — I just don’t call it a g-spot. Find out what it is.

Also, check out this blog post: G-Spot Reality Check.

Three Breath Orgasm Video

At the Intimate Arts Center we help people to have better sex and better relationships, to achieve happier and healthier lives with more pleasure and more orgasms – lots more orgasms. Learning how to have hands-off energy orgasms is an advanced skill, but something anyone can master with lots of practice. Take a look at this fun video.

Solo Sex!

Solo Sex – it’s sex with someone you love! Find out why I don’t call it masturbation and why it’s so good and important to do.

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A Glimpse Into Vaginal Ecology

Images of Vulvas in NatureA Glimpse Into Vaginal Ecology

Here’s a super short introduction to the basic idea of vaginal ecology.

For the much more in-depth version, start here with Vaginal Ecology: An Owner’s Guide to Care & Maintenance (Pt 1) and then go here for part two, Vaginal Ecology: An Owner’s Guide to Care & Maintenance.

An Elegant Ecology

The vagina isn’t just a nice place to own or visit, nor is it merely a passive space awaiting fulfillment; it’s a complex, integrated environment. Your vagina is a dynamic system with inherent safeguards in place to maintain a healthy equilibrium despite being susceptible to myriad influences that can alter its state of balance.

You Have a Self-Cleaning Vagina

Basically, by understanding the system, you can learn to keep yourself healthy, and prevent most vaginal infections and problems. Your vagina is a self-regulating, self-cleaning, resilient yet delicate ecosystem and the less you disrupt the natural balance, the better off you’ll be. This is what every woman needs to know!

Want more info on vaginas and related parts? I got more!

Arousal_frontcover-w-Book of theYear Award

Check out my award-winning book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.

WAA-LOLC_Wegener-Self-Exam_V7-HeaderYou can also explore the online course by the same name, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal Online Course to learn about all things vagina!

Guys’ Lover-in-a-Box Kit, On a Count of Five

Woman Cuddling Cat by Alfred Eisenstaedt

by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Men, do you want to NOT make the same mistakes so many other guys do (and so many women complain about)?

Women, do you want a quick-and-easy way to clue your guy into what works and what doesn’t for you?

Then read what follows!


The Five Things You Need To Know About Women

  1. Women are really, really different from you. Here’s a good working guideline for you: whatever you’d want done to yourself, assume she wants the opposite. It’s as if women inhabit a Bizarro World where everything is backwards. You’d like her to grab your cock as soon as possible, right? Well, applying the Bizarro Principle, that means she wants you to get to her crotch after you’ve taken lots of time warming up the rest of her.
  2. More than anything, she wants to feel connected. She wants to talk and touch, to listen and share. Attention and presence create the context of affinity and attachment she craves.
  3. She needs to feel safe in order to open and receive, and then to get turned on and orgasmic. If you try to barge in before she’s ready, it will backfire on you. At best, you’ll have to take three giant steps backwards. At worst, she’ll Just Say No, this time or forever.
  4. Now for the good news: when she does feel safe and connected, that’s when she’s most likely to want to have sex with you. That trusting connection will allow her to open way up!
  5. Feminine flowers need sun and water to bloom—so shower her with appreciation, admiration, compliments and other positive yumminess. Give the woman what she wants and she’ll blossom.

The Top Five Mistakes Guys Make With Women

  1. You don’t attend to her body language and subtle signals.
  2. You’re clumsy, unsubtle and rough—too much poking, pounding, pushing, grabbing and groping.
  3. You go to her genitals way too fast, diving into her crevices before she’s warmed up enough. The result: she clams up—and maybe tosses you into that mental file cabinet where she keeps the negative stereotypes about guys she’s been compiling over the years.
  4. Having gotten to her genitals too soon, you make it even worse by attempting premature penetration. If she isn’t highly aroused when you’re inside her, she won’t love it—and you want her to love it, right?
  5. Oh … did I mention that you tend to dive into the “target” too soon, ignoring the rest of her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lusciousness? Take your time, guys, and enjoy the journey! The more fun she has getting there, the juicier it will be for you.

Five Things That Turn Her On

  1. Discover all her favorite erogenous zones. Ears, toes, shoulders. Neck, belly, knees. Her pinky. The inside of her wrist … There’s a whole lot of body there that isn’t breast, nipple, pussy and ass. (I know: those parts can seem invisible sometimes!) Play with all of it!
  2. Use words, ideas and fantasy. Her mind is her biggest erogenous zone: turn it on.
  3. She wants romance and seduction. Give it to her.
  4. Find out what her personal, private turn-ons are. Be willing to listen and have her show you. Real men ask for directions!
  5. Keep your lovemaking inspired and spontaneous. Novelty, excitement and newness turn her on.

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