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Lost Sexy Bits

Lost Sexy Bits It doesn’t seem possible, yet in this 21st century age of information, we lack the basic truth about our sexual anatomy. It’s sad but true, the pictures in the sex books and the text books are missing some of our vital equipment. We’ll never be able to see the whole picture, if […]

A Breastmilk Theory of Love

  A Breastmilk Theory of Love: Relationships, Love and Mothering Does our infant feeding experience affect how we relate to relationships? Is there a template for love laid down in early life that creates unconscious patterns that lead to either healthy or dysfunctional connections? Hear what a Wholistic Sexuality educator, former nurse-midwife and intimate arts […]

An Orgasm A Day…

An Orgasm A Day… Better Health Through Orgasm! An orgasm a day may not entirely keep the doctor away but it sure will help. Orgasms are decidedly good for you. When you climax, a host of feel-good chemicals are released that bring about a sense of euphoria, reduce stress, enhance relaxation and lead to an […]

How Can I Help Bring My Partner Back Into the Moment?

Sheri answers the question “How Can I Help Bring My Partner Back Into the Moment?” during the Ask Anything about Sacred Sex webinar. Check out Intimate Arts Online, our recorded virtual courses to learn at home and at your convenience! Courses include 3- 4 classes, extra resources, & delicious home play assignments! Find out more […]

Female Genital Anatomy Quiz

Female Genital Anatomy Quiz Think you already know your way around down there? Well, take the quiz and find out! Sheri says, “I thought that I knew, especially after my extensive medical education as well as equally intense alternative health explorations and studies. And yet, I didn’t know all there was to know. I was […]