Why Learn to Squirt? The Pleasures of Female Ejaculation

JP1847Why Learn to Squirt?

The Pleasures of Female Ejaculation!

Whenever I talk to a group of people about female ejaculation, someone invariably asks, “Why would I want to learn how to gush?”

It’s a fair question. For a lot of people, squirting conjures images of mess—a flood at best, pee at worst. It makes sense to wonder, ‘Why bother?’ Or even to have a ‘yuck’ response. Who needs more laundry to do?

So let me tell you—it’s worth it. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Simply put, female ejaculating wildly expands the experience of orgasm. Each spurt of hot fluid brings a delicious and intense feeling of release. It’s a form of ecstatic liberation. When it’s happening, I feel like a goddess—powerful, ecstatic and beautiful. It’s like you’re connected to the universal life force and it’s flowing through you.

It also has a deep emotional component for me. I feel like a fountain of love juice. “The fountain of the goddess,” they call it—for a reason. This is only my experience, of course, but other female ejaculators describe gushing similarly.

It’s also fabulous to be with a gushing goddess. In a recent class, my partner Carl was asked the benefits of being with a female ejaculator. His answer: “It tastes delicious, it’s emotionally empowering, and it feels yummily squishy. It gives me immediate feedback that I’m giving my partner amazing pleasure. There’s nothing better!”

In ancient India, this fluid was called amrita, the nectar of life. It was collected in sacred rituals and used as a blessing. I totally get that—amrita feels blessed to give and to receive!

Female ejaculation—it’s a complete win-win!

It goes without saying that you can have fabulous sex and wonderful orgasms without gushing. As an enhancement, though, there’s nothing quite like it. Female ejaculation feels amazing (sacredly amazing!). It taps into deep wells of emotion. It feels profound, like a delirious, wild, primal force that erupts and spills you into a state of blessed-out bliss.

If it leaves you with some extra laundry, that’s a small price to pay for a ‘fountain-load’ of ecstasy.

To learn how to facilitate your hot wet pleasure, ‘attend’ my recorded online course The Learnable Art of Female Ejaculation. 

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You get three class sessions, special yummy home play assignments, resources and more. For all genders!


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  1. Pandora Rose
    Pandora Rose says:

    I agree with all the ways you described this beautiful, mysterious phenomenon! You’re right that it is something that can be learned, though I’d characterize it more as “allowed” and “invited.” Three key elements need to be present for amrita to bubble forth. First, safety. The woman must trust her partner, trust his/her ability to accept her as she is, and handle her full expression of sexuality – amrita or no amrita. Second, arousal. A amrita is not going to make an appearance if a woman is not emotionally and physically turned on, and her erectile tissues invited to fully engorge. Third, relaxation. Women need to physically let go of tension in their abs and groin, which means not “chasing” the experience; performance expectations lead to tension, which is counterproductive to the surrendered state that allows amrita to flow. Okay, maybe also a fourth: hydration!

    We can recommend the Fascinator Throe by Liberator – it’s a sexy, utilitarian waterproof blanket that is great for goddesses to have on hand. It’s plush one one side, satin on the other; machine wash and dryable; and looks lovely draped at the foot of the bed. And Target carries them in multiple colors on their website! We’ve got several “on rotation” and love, love, love them.

    My husband Matthias Rose and I are a daka and dakini in Seattle and we love teaching about amrita. Matthias is particularly skilled at helping women experience amrita for the first time in an beautiful, accepting environment, and he holds exquisite boundaries that allow women to feel safe. He and I recommend Women’s Anatomy of Arousal as required reading to all our clients who want to learn more about the pleasure potential of yonis. I hope we get the opportunity to meet you! If you’re ever in Seattle, look us up!

    • Sheri Winston
      Sheri Winston says:

      Hi Pandora Rose,
      Love your comments! I absolutely agree with your recommendations and will be delving into each of the topics you mention: allowing/encouraging, safety, arousal, relaxation and yes, even hydration!
      I’m delighted that you recommend my book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – thank you. I love knowing that other people value it and want to share the information.
      I appreciate you confirming my comments that other women have similar empowering, goddess experiences of FE.
      I’m a big fan of using ‘puddle pads’ and will definitely be covering a variety of types in the class. Liberator is already on my list (and at the foot of my bed).
      Yay for yoni pleasure facilitators (you both and your work)!
      Juicy Blessings!

  2. Linda
    Linda says:

    Thank you for your beautiful description, at 51 years old I accidentally started to ejaculate! It is empowering and I feel somehow complete as a sensual/ sexual goddess that I never felt before.
    I’m a gusher and after washing mountains of towels I use a Champion HD under pad from North Shore, IL
    They are washable and durable and make love making easy and mess free

    • Sheri Winston
      Sheri Winston says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I find our stories and sexual journeys to be an endlessly fascinating subject.
      I appreciate you confirming my comments that other women have similar empowering, goddess experiences of FE.
      I’m a big fan of using ‘puddle pads’ and will definitely be covering a variety of types in the class. I’ll add these to my recommendation list.
      Juicy Blessings!


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