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The Elusive Female Orgasm: More Tips to Awesome Orgasm (Part 2)

Four More Tips to Awesome Female Orgasm (Part 2) For most women, orgasm is a learned pathway. In Part One I offered some simple ways to learn to find your path, amplify your arousal and access your orgasm. You aren’t broken if you haven’t yet discovered or established your orgasmic pathways. There are just some […]

Gervex - Woman Tossed by a Wave

The Elusive Female Orgasm: 3 Tips to Awesome Orgasm (Part 1)

Three Tips to Experience and Expand Female Orgasm Orgasm is a learnable skill that every woman can acquire—and then expand upon. Orgasm School? Not having rip-roaring orgasms when you’d like to? Or at all? Don’t despair! Orgasm is a learnable skill —and every woman can become proficient at getting there. And if you already have […]

Welcome to Sex 101

Sex 101: Learn Super Sex Do you want to have fabulous, mind-blowing sex? Here’s the key to having sex that exceeds your wildest fantasies. Learning Sex Want lessons in orgasmic abundance? Classes in accessing ecstasy? Perhaps a curriculum of the 3 C’s, climax, communication and connection? Could you benefit from innovative erotic education? I Don’t […]

My partner is great but doesn’t like to kiss. Is that a problem?

Sheri answers a question during the Ask Anything about Sacred Sex Webinar: My partner is great but doesn’t like to kiss. Is that a problem?