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This Is Your Brain on Sex

The following is an excerpt from Succulent Sexcraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice: Your neocortex is the executive headquarters of your brain, perched in the penthouse at the front of your skull. This is not where sex takes place. Sexuality is primarily a function of the older, more primitive parts of our […]

The Six P’s of Touch

You can become a touch savant by playing with the six p’s — presence, purpose, patience, precision, pattern and progression. When you do so, you get to the ultimate p -— Pleasure! Presence It is in the imperceptible space between that which touches and that which is touched that one body can be felt, no […]

This is the Prime Directive of Sex

The following is an excerpt from Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice. THE PRIME DIRECTIVE: SEX IS ABOUT CONNECTION 1. Your sexuality is first and foremost about your connection to your self. Your whole self. 2. Your sexuality is also about your connection to others. Naturally that includes the people you […]

What is Sex?

Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Just what exactly is sex anyway?” Here’s our definition — see if it doesn’t expand yours. (Excerpted from our new book Succulent SexCraft.) What Is Sex? Sex is any erotic activity: it’s something you do. Sexuality encompasses the whole of who we are. It incorporates our thoughts, emotions, stories, […]

Women’s Health Magazine Gets It Wrong about Women & UTIs

It’s not fair to women to put out an article about women’s health that mixes correct and incorrect information. Let me set the record straight about what they got right and what they got disastrously wrong and what they just don’t understand. True: UTI’s are common in women and often related to sexual intercourse. To […]