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Welcome to Sheri Winston's Center for the Intimate Arts

Empowering Erotic Education for YOU!

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Discover the Integral Model of Wholistic Sexuality™

Your sexuality is an integral aspect of life. Ecstasy is your birthright. Intimate connection is foundational to health and happiness, beginning with your most significant relationship - your connection with yourself.

Expert Wholistic Sexuality™ teacher, award-winning author and medical professional Sheri Winston has helped thousands of men and women have better connections with themselves and others— and have totally mind-blowing sex!

If you want to reach your full vast expanded sexual potential and enjoy all the pleasure, connection, ecstasy and intimacy that you possibly can ...
If you're ready to have extraordinary intimate relationships ...
If you believe that erotic mastery is something you can learn and you're ready to become an erotic virtuoso ...
If you want to be part of co-creating a a saner, healthier world where people celebrate, honor and learn about their sexuality ...

You've come to the right place to learn!
Our mission is to catalyze positive sexual transformation for individuals, our culture and the world.

"Not to put too fine a point on it: Holy cow! Sheri's method works ... think the difference between winning a spider ring at skeet ball and winning the jackpot in Monte Carlo. I'm so glad I didn't think I knew it all."    Liz Langley, Tampa, FL

Lots of Ways to Learn

Learn In-Person
Attend live classes, workshops and retreats!
Become an erotic virtuoso! Explore sexy skills. Play with erotic energy.
With over 50 'Clothes-ON, Hands-OFF' classes, there's something for everyone.

Learn Online
Sheri's online classes are also non-explicit and typically viewed in private. (You don't need to get naked there either, but hey, it's your living room!)

Explore The Center for the Intimate Arts

Check out Sheri’s book, our library of articles and blogs, and the art in our erotic art gallery.

Sheri Winston’s Center for the Intimate Arts
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