Discover the Source of Female Ejaculation

Nectar of Life

In ancient India, female ejaculate was known as sacred Amrita or the Nectar of Life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s called White Moon Flower Medicine. Western science is beginning to catch up with this ancient wisdom, but while there is more research then previously, we still lack a consensus about the existence of many of the structures that make up the whole female genitalia and the process of female ejaculation.

The Erectile Network

Women have a network of interconnected structures that are all made of erectile tissue. I call it the Erectile Network. The Erectile Network is a matrix of structures that includes all three parts of the clitoris, the paired vestibular bulbs, the perineal sponge and the urethral sponge. Women can become aroused and orgasmic by stimulating any of these structures (or in many other non-genital ways as well) but, in general the best arousal and orgasms happen when all of these structures are thoroughly stimulated.

Erectile Equality

Pound for pound, inch for inch the female erectile network contains the same amount of erectile tissue as a penis. Erectile tissue is mostly composed of erectile capillaries, which are tiny specialized blood vessels that have the capacity to fill with blood. This is engorgement which is what causes erectile tissue to swell, become harder and more sensitive.

splashing-164171_1280The Super Soaker Sponge

One of the structures in the network is the urethral sponge (aka the female prostate since it’s analogous to the male prostate). The urethral sponge is a tube that surrounds the tube of the urethra – think of it like a roll of paper towels surrounding the inner cardboard tube. It’s located above the roof of the vagina. The bottom of the tube is what is currently (and incorrectly) being referred to as the G-Spot.

The urethral sponge is comprised of both erectile and glandular tissue. The glands are the Paraurethral Glands (aka the Skene’s Glands). They’re tiny tubular structures that are enmeshed in the erectile capillaries — think of them like the hair roots of a plant threaded throughout the soil of the erectile tissue. The tubular glands end in about thirty openings along the urethra, with two slightly larger ducts just inside or just outside the urethral orifice. In other words, the glandular tubules empty into the urethral canal. In some women, there are additional openings along the sides of the vaginal vestibule.

These glands are the source of female ejaculate. The fluid originates in the circulatory system. The watery part of the blood, the plasma diffuses through the wall of the capillaries, enters the glandular tubule, mixes with the products of the gland and then emerges into the urethra. From there it can either emerge from the urethral opening or back-up into the bladder.

More Ejaculate Info

Female ejaculation is the expulsion of that fluid in a drip, gush or squirt. It can be a few drops, a small puddle or a huge flood. In fact, since the original source of the liquid is the circulatory system, there’s a huge fluid reservoir and women can continue to make fluid and have repeated and profuse amounts of ejaculate.

Women may squirt once or repeatedly, occasionally, sometimes, frequently, or always. Female ejaculation doesn’t always accompany orgasm. It can happen with high level arousal although for many women it does commonly happen with orgasm.

rain-1563957_1920Ejaculate is not urine, although it spurts out from the urethra. That’s the same hole pee comes out of, so it’s understandable that people might think it’s urine. But it’s not yellow, doesn’t smell like pee, doesn’t have the same chemical make-up as urine (no urea, no nitric acid). That’s because it’s not urine and doesn’t originate from the bladder. The fluid does contain Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and Prostatic Acid Phosphatase just as the male prostate fluid does.

Amrita Isn’t Lube

Is it the same as vaginal lubrication? No. vaginal lubrication comes from the inner walls of the vagina and it’s slick and slippery. Ejaculate comes from the paraurethral glands, emerges from the urethral opening and it’s watery.

Natural AND Learnable

While some women are natural ejaculators, it’s a learnable skill and any woman can learn to do it. It’s not required. This is a totally optional skill. I will say though that having ejaculatory orgasms is a mind-boggling, intense and goddess-like experience, so it may be something that you want to learn to do! Being a gushing goddess (or being with a gushing goddess) is glorious!

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14 replies
  1. Davyn
    Davyn says:

    You said, “Ejaculate is not urine, although it spurts out from the urethra. That’s the same hole pee comes out of, so it’s understandable that people might think it’s urine. But it’s not yellow, doesn’t smell like pee, doesn’t have the same chemical make-up as urine (no urea, no nitric acid)”.
    I would add, it doesn’t taste like urine either.

  2. Beth
    Beth says:

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  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    Something you don’t learn in sex ed. like a lot of the fun stuff in sex, although you can do this without education , in just loving yourself and body, and your partner. I must say education is a help as I was not sure at times if it was me peeing, this information explained a lot.

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  5. Mike Lousada
    Mike Lousada says:

    Hi there, thanks for your post, which I love. I’d love to see the scientific evidence which supports your claim please? Do you know of studies which prove this theory? Since the volume of female ejaculate can be upto almost one litre (which has been scientifically documented) it does not seem possible that this volume of fluid is produced in that short a time, especially since the glands you speak about are so small. So, if you know of any scientific studies which solve this mystery please could you point me in the direction. Many thanks!

    • Sheri
      Sheri says:

      There are no studies that I know of. – as far as I know this theory is unique to me. I look forward to the day that such studies exist.
      I can tell you that there is an extremely similar arrangement in the lactation system. Breasts can produce huge amounts of milk, and go on producing milk in volume, as long as there’s adequate stimulation and hydration. It is upon this and other evidence that I base my theory.

      Juicy Blessings,

      • Marty
        Marty says:

        My understanding is that water originates from the blood through the capillaries encased by the urethral sponge area. So is it possible the blood supplies a never ending source of water that is then transformed by the prostatic components making process into the squirt?

  6. Gaspar
    Gaspar says:

    I have had three sex partners after finding out about the wonder that is the urethral sponge. With each of those women, I have learned that there are different methods of stimulation that are required, depending on the woman’s specific sexual needs, to bring her to orgasm by merely stimulating the vagina for a few minutes, then pushing my finger against this sponge located just inside her golden center. My first partner enjoyed a sudden thrust upward against her inner padding, while the second and third liked when I gently rubbed my finger from left to right after putting my finger to the first knuckle into their outer lips while gradually applying more and more pressure on their wondrous liquid-filled cushion of love.

  7. Rob Bernstein
    Rob Bernstein says:

    I am looking for a woman to give me (and possibly him) advice regarding him being physical and intimate with a woman.


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