Natural Menstrual Products

It’s an ecology issue – of your body and the world. Discover my favorite alternatives to commercial menstrual products.

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    Hi Sheri, I have a few questions I hope you have time to answer.
    I have been using the Diva cup for about 5 years. I started with the small cup but when I started having issues with leakage, switched to the larger cup (which the manufacturer recommends for women after having children, or over the age of 30).
    This worked for a while but I have been having trouble for quite some time now in getting the cup to open once it’s inserted and it is quite uncomfortable when it is inserted + open (causing restriction in the flow of urine, as though I can’t empty my bladder). It feels like it isn’t inserted deep enough and the stem presses against my inner labia (and i have the stem trimmed down to a nub).
    I enjoy a lot of solo play and my PC muscles are quite strong, so I’m wondering if I should switch back to the smaller Diva cup
    I also tried the sea sponges + loved how comfortable they are, however, my underwear were always damp (not with blood). So after trying different sizes I gave up. Any suggestions on using this method? (and you mentioned removing it when you pee…is this every time you pee?)
    I spend a lot of time in the wilderness (backpacking + canoeing so I need an easy, sanitary method of managing my period).

    • Sheri Winston
      Sheri Winston says:

      I think the smaller cup is probably better for you since you’re describing problems that would arise from one that’s too large. As far as emptying the cup – it really depends on your flow. A heavy flow means frequent emptying, light flow, less often. You might try using the smaller diva cup and also a sea sponge as back-up if your flow is heavy to prevent leaks.
      If you use a sea sponge, (by itself or as a cup back-up) make sure that after you wet it, you thoroughly squeeze the water out before inserting. You can even wrap it in a towel or toilet paper when you squeeze it so it will be moist but not wet. That should solve the dampness problem. I hope that helps! Also, when you can, bleed on the earth directly, as a ritual. Your blood is a blessing!


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