The Squirt Report (Part 2): Take it from the Professionals?

In our recent survey on female ejaculation, we asked several pointed questions about how porn influences people’s understanding of female ejaculation. (Whether porn has assisted people in achieving female ejaculation is a whole other topic, but our previous post on this survey would suggest it has helped at least a few.) Let’s see what we’ve learned from the “pros,” shall we?

I Know It When I See It

The first line of business, of course, is to establish how common squirting is in porn as a whole. While there aren’t any statistics to cite regarding the number of gushes per minute of video in the endless library of professionally produced porn (let alone amateur and live-cam), we do know how many of our responders have actually seen squirting porn: sixty-four percent, whereas only thirty-six percent have never seen it. Of course, we have no way of knowing how much porn in general the respondents regularly consume. Still, it’s safe to say that squirting porn is common and widely available. That’s not proof that female-ejaculation is real. It’s mighty suggestive, though.

Let the Skeptics Arise

Oddly enough, although over six hundred people responded that they have seen squirting porn, less than four hundred people who believe in the validity of female ejaculation cite squirting porn as a reason for their belief. This statistic doesn’t really tell us much about female ejaculation as a scientifically proven occurrence, but it does say quite a bit about the merit most viewers give to porn as a realistic portrayal of true sexual experience. So, how much trust do most people give the professionals?

You Had One Job

It turns out, not as much as you’d think. Of our respondents, only ten percent believe that squirting porn is always real. Forty-seven percent think it is sometimes real, twelve percent think it’s never real, and a whopping thirty-one percent don’t know one way or the other. In other words, when it comes to female ejaculation, the jury is out on whether or not we can trust the professional squirters. This has to make them feel pretty bad, right?

Probably not.

In fact, based on this video, even porn stars aren’t sure if female ejaculation is real or fake!

If you can’t trust the pros, who can you trust? (That question is dripping with sarcasm.)

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