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Beautiful Bodies – Spanish Translation Campaign Animation

Beautiful Bodies Animation was created to support the Women’s Anatomy of Arousal Spanish translation project. We succeeded in our fund-raising efforts thanks to many wonderful, generous supporters! Look out for the Spanish version of Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by the end of 2017.

This awesome animation is by Alberto Grillasca. Go here to see more of work: aggrillasca.com.

Want to Know More About Female Genital Anatomy?

For more details about the erectile structures, take a look at this post: The Missing Female Pleasure Parts

For more information on what’s been misunderstood and neglected, here’s another post: Lost Sexy Bits. (It includes a quickie home play assignment.)

Become VulvaWise!

It’s simple: check out this information. Check out your own or a friendly and willing vulva-owning person’s body. Once you experience all the parts, you’ll be your own expert. Once you know, you’ll be vulvawise!

Want Even More Vulva-Wisdom?

You can have it by reading the award-winning Women’s Anatomy of Arousal book. It’s available as a physical book, as a Kindle or an audiobook!

You can ‘attend’ the recorded 4-session online Women’s Anatomy of Arousal course.