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Week Two: Experiment

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The Joy of Squirting: How I Learned To Be a Juicy Goddess
Why Learn to Squirt? The Pleasures of Female Ejaculation
Discover the Source of Female Ejaculation
The Squirt Report, Part 1: Where Do You Fit In?
History of Female Ejaculation

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Your Home Play Assignment(s)

 Run Erotic Experiments

Have solo sex (play with yourself) and/or have partnered sex

Here’s a summary of techniques that facilitate gushing orgasms:

  • Use your usual pathways to become aroused first.
  • Take your time. Get deeply turned on.
  • Get the whole erectile network activated.
  • Have an orgasm or ten, if desired and easy.
  • Use lots of firm rhythmic stimulation to the sponge along with stimulating other juicy parts.
  • As orgasm approaches, bear down with your belly and pelvic muscles, opening and pushing out.
  • Continue stimulation, push again, repeat.
  • Experiment with relaxing into orgasm, riding the wave, pushing, releasing.
  • Don’t focus on the outcome—focus on pleasure and doing whatever expands that.

Calling Forth the Fountain (from Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, p. 233)

For many women, the experience of ejaculation usually results from prolonged stimulation of the urethral sponge, often with multiple orgasms. This spongy area responds best to firm rhythmical pulling, rubbing and thrusting motions. Toys specifically designed for g-spot stimulation are especially useful as it’s hard to rub your own urethral sponge with your own hand. If someone else is providing this service, fingers do a better job of directly stimulating the area than the cock, at least to start with.

This is an advanced skill that requires basic orgasmic ability along with proficiency in the use of your essential toolkit. As with many new skills, I recommend learning this with yourself before attempting it with a partner. Either way, it’s best to be laid-back about this. Putting pressure on yourself to succeed will only get in the way. Have fun practicing and one day you’ll be rewarded by the elixir’s pouring forth. Like most sexual responses, it can be encouraged but not forced.

A Squirting Primer

Start by preparing a puddle-proof space. Put down towels on top of waterproof pads. (Th e kinds used for toddler toilet-training are great!)

Have ample water nearby to stay well hydrated. Using bendy straws means that you don’t have to sit up or change position to get frequent drinks.

Have your favorite toys at hand if you’ll be using them. Th ere are now a wide variety of g-spotter toys out there. And, of course, have plenty of your favorite lube.

Start with an empty bladder to decrease the worry that what comes out is pee.

Use your easiest pathways to become aroused. Take lots of time getting your whole arousal network engorged. You may wish to start by having a “regular” orgasm in your usual way.

Then apply lots of firm rhythmic stimulation to the “goddess sponge” until you feel it swell. It should feel almost squishy. As orgasm approaches, bear down with your belly and pelvic muscles, opening and pushing out. Allow your mouth and throat to be open. too. Make big, deep, low-pitched open-mouthed sounds. As you ride the wave of your orgasm, continue to stimulate yourself, push and sound again, release, and let go. Repeat.

Try different positions. Experiment with various types of stimulation. Explore different toys, too, along with playing with your breathing patterns and sounds. Enjoy your orgasms, whether you squirt or not. One day, you will!

For Partners: Facilitating Her Orgasm

Help her own her pleasure. If she doesn’t pet her own pussy, encourage her to do so.

Ask her to show you how she makes herself come. Practice till you can do it just the way she likes it.

Encourage her to breathe deeply, release her sound, and move her body inside with her pelvic muscles and outside with her pelvis and spine.

Pay attention and be utterly attuned to her signals of what’s working and what’s not. Feminine energy fluxes and shifts, so what worked last week may not be as effective this week.

When you are doing something that catches her rhythm and is moving her into higher and higher arousal, don’t stop or change. Keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t get harder or faster or move from that spot. Keep it up (I mean, keep going). Be relentless!

Egg her on, be her coach, cheer her wildness. Tell her how sexy she looks, sounds and feels. Encourage, goad and applaud her. Root for her. Buoy her up. Be her best cheerleader, ever!

Using Your SexCraft Toolkit

SexCraft Toolkit
SexCraft Skills (Partner Practices)
SexCraft Skills (Solo Practices)
Pelvic Floor Play