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Welcome to your Home Room page! This is the the ‘base of operations’ for people who have purchased Sheri’s Secrets of Female Pleasure recorded course.

Just like in school, this is where you go to get all your information, resources and home play assignments. (Not that this sort of home play is assigned in your usual school!) We encourage you to use these materials! They’ll enhance your learning experience. This is also where you’ll find all your extra goodies and special offers. ENJOY!

What’s Here:

Your Class Recordings

Week One Recording

Week Two Recording

Week Three Recording

 Week Four Recording

 Beyond the Class Sessions

      • Journal
      • Do your home play. Schedule one or more long sessions. (An hour? More?) Plan for daily short self-pleasuring sessions.
      • Run lots of experiments.
      • Read
      • Watch videos
      • Become a community. Share and support each other. Join the private Facebook group so you can share and connect.
      • Make the learning stick in your brain:
        • What were the big ideas presented in the class?  Write them down!
        • Did you have any ‘Aha’ moments? Note them!
        • Do you have questions about any of the material? What do you want more of? What topics do you desire to get more details about?
        • Do you have any additional thoughts or comments you didn’t have a chance to express in class?
        • Write down your questions,  comments and  desires and send them to me, or better yet post them in our private Facebook group.
      • Sharing
        • If you’re partnered  (as always, this is optional):
          • Share with your partner about your experiences
        • If you aren’t partnered or choose not to share with your intimate partner(s) (again, this is optional):
          • Share with a friend about your experience.
          • See if there’s another student (look in the Facebook group!) who might want to be your buddy and ‘cross-share’ your process  and experiences.


Thank you! We hope you have a wonderful and rewarding learning experience!

Sheri and the Center for the Intimate Arts team