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Online Classes and Courses. Current pricing for our online classes and courses ranges from $19.95 for a single class to $67 for recorded courses (3-4 classes) to $129 for live online courses featuring online classes and additional resources, including additional resources, special ‘home play’ assignments, and a private online community for shared learning. We do not refund online class purchases because these are downloads, and once a product has been downloaded it can’t be ‘returned.’ The one exception to this is if technical issues render them impossible to view. All online courses are refundable in full within one week of purchase, no questions asked. After one week, online course refunds are at the discretion of management.

Physical Products. Our books (our sole physical product) are currently priced at $12.95 to $19.95 depending on the title (the occasional sale will lower the price).

If you’re not satisfied with a physical product such as a book, we will refund your money, no questions asked, if the request for a refund is made within 30 days of your purchase and if the purchase was made through our website. You must make your best efforts to return the physical product (we will not pay postage) and the product must be in good condition.

Live In-Person Classes. The price of our live in-person classes varies depending on the length of the event and the location. The student cost is typically $10-$20/hour of teaching time, though premium-priced classes do take place from time to time.

Unless otherwise stated, full refunds are available more than 30 days before the class. 50% refunds are available 14-30 days before the class. No refunds are available 13 or fewer days before the class except except at the sole discretion of The Center for the Intimate Arts.

E-Books. The only e-book we offer is free and therefore not refundable.

Consultations. Pricing and other information about private consultations with Sheri Winston can be found here.

Payments for consultations will be refunded in full if made two days or more before the scheduled appointment (e.g., on Tuesday for a Thursday appointment). Refunds that are requested in the 48-hour window may be issued at the sole discretion of The Center for the Intimate Arts. No refunds will be issued after  the counseling session(s). Refunds for packages are at our discretion.

Winston Wellbeing. All issues regarding product purchases from Winston Wellbeing should be directed to Wellevate, our nutritional-supplements partner.