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Chapter 7: Your Genitals in a Nutshell





Sacred Sexy Parts

Names have power and reflect cultural assumptions, usually unconscious ones. For a good contrast to our cultural story (and, quite possibly, to your own beliefs), check out these names for sexual parts and acts from cultures that revered sex.

Feel free to add to our list of sacred names of parts and erotic activities.

The Female Genitals (Vulva and Vagina):

  • Yoni (Sanskrit for “divine passage,” “place of origin” or “entrance to the universe”)
  • The Jade Gate, Jade Pavilion
  • The Cinnabar Grotto or Gate
  • The Thousand-Petaled Lotus Flower, the Golden Lotus
  • Open Peony Blossom

The Clitoris:

  • The Pearl on the Jade Stem
  • The Jewel Terrace
  • The Jewel in the Crown

The Male Genitals:

  • Lingam (Sanskrit for “Wand of Light”)
  • The Jeweled Scepter
  • Vajra (Tibetan for “diamond” or “thunderbolt”)
  • The Jade Stalk or Jade Stem
  • Red Bird
  • Heavenly Dragon Pillar

The Anus:

  • Rosebud


  • the great typhoon
  • the bursting of clouds

Oral sex:

  • Auparishtaka or Auparashtika (“mouth congress”). Sanskrit
  • Vajroli mudra, the uniting of mouth and genitals. (A mudra is a sacred gesture.)
  • Playing the flute (fellatio)
  • Alkulil karikara lilai In Tamil, the phrase means playing with the yoni using hands and mouth simultaneously.

Vaginal Ecology

I have two important notes here about female genital hygiene:

First, female genitalia is not supposed to smell like fake flowers (from the use of unnecessary artificial products) or fish (a sign of infection).

The smell and taste of a healthy vagina is mild, earthy and slightly pungent with a pleasant, musky aroma. A healthy vagina does not smell or taste bad! In fact, it’s full of sexy scent plus fabulous pheromones, the chemicals of attraction that we don’t consciously smell. Your vaginal juice is a naturally compelling, perfumed invitation.

Second, women, you have a self-cleaning vagina, when you have an intact and healthy vaginal environment. The ideal way to clean the outer parts of a pussy is with a hand-held shower head and lots of clean running water. Mild, unscented, natural soap on the outer parts is okay but no soap or feminine hygiene crap on the mucus membranes or inside the vagina, ever. It causes infections and dries and irritates mucus membranes.

Avoid so called ‘feminine hygiene products’—they destroy the ecology of the vaginal environment and cause infections. All those commercials about feminine odor and feeling ‘not-so-fresh’ are lies designed to get women to buy products they not only don’t need but that cause infections and imbalance.

Vaginal infections are commonly associated with what can be called “excessive American hygiene”, which includes the use of douche, vaginal deodorants, sprays, wipes, washes, powders, anti-bacterial soaps, deodorant soaps, body washes, bubble baths, and all of those so-called feminine hygiene products.

You do not need them! Don’t fall for the mass-marketing lies that tell you that you need to be “fresh” by using their chemical concoctions. You are fresh and delicious without that synthetic junk. Our musky muffs are delicious.

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