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Chapter 12: More Body
Vision, Touch, Taste and Smell



Play & Practice: Solo Play—Seeing What’s So

For this first exercise, we’ll play with becoming more aware of your genital anatomy. Take some time to review the pictures and illustrations of your anatomy. Now close your eyes. Take a few deep, slow breaths to become calm and centered. Bring your awareness down into your genitals. Send your breath into your equipment. Start to make some soft opening sounds. Gentle pulse your pelvic floor muscles, rock your hips. Take some moments to really feel at home in your crotch. Now focus on seeing exactly what you have from the inside. Notice each part and take some time to send your loving sounding breaths into each delectable bit of you. Play with your PC muscles as you focus on the various aspects of your anatomy.

Yoni Owners: Bring your awareness to the outer lips. See then opening like a flower as you breath and pulse them open. Visualize your inner lips opening and blooming. Send sounding breaths into them. Imagine the entrance to your vagina as a cuff and play with clenching and releasing it. Go deeper inside and imagine your vaginal canal pulsing, opening and closing, pulling in and pushing out. Bring your awareness to your bladder and urethra and then to your uterus. Bring your attention to your anus, pulsing it as you make sounding breaths.

Lingam Owners: Bring your awareness to your cock, starting at the head, making sounding breath as you pulse your PC muscles. Draw your attention down the shaft, including the base. Take time to see and breathe up and down the length of your whole lingam. Bring your focus to your scrotum and then inside that to your balls. Pulse your muscles and send sounding breaths to them as you visualize them. Bring your attention to your anus, pulsing it as you make sounding breaths. Now draw your vision in and bring it to the inner aspects of your cock and your prostate. Use your breathing to help you see the parts that lie deep inside.

Ending for Both: End your experience by taking a few moments to see your genitals held, loved and revered. End with a few deep centering breaths.

Play & Practice: Solo Play—Seeing The Channel

For this game, it’s helpful to be sitting in an upright posture that allows your spine to be straight and relaxed. Allow your eyes to close. Take a few deep, slow breaths to become calm and centered. Keep your focus on your breath, adding opening sounds. Bring your PF muscles into the game and do some gentle pelvic breathing.

Imagine a tube or an inner channel that runs up the center of your body. As you bring this image into focus notice how it looks and feels.

Is it open or constricted? Are some parts open and others tight? Is there color, light, heat or vibration? Is there a sense or image of movement? As you make sounding breaths and PF pumps, expand the tube more. Play with your tools and discover what opens the inner channel and what increases the energy flow.

Can you see how you can create a sense or vision of energy moving? See particles or colors or light moving up and down the conduit. Play with imagining the channel filled with different colors. Imagine you see something representing earth energy flowing in the bottom. See divine energy flowing in and out the top.

Complete your experience by taking a few moments to see your inner pathway as an open and energized. End with a few deep centering breaths.

For men: This is a great practice to use to channel your erotic energy from a genital focus to a full body one. At any point in your play, imagine that your genital energy is a hot, red ball of light. (Or whatever color that occurs for you). Using your breath, PFM, inner visualization and intention, pull the light up your inner channel. Envision it flowing from your cock, up your spine and then spreading out to your whole body. You can add your hands by either orchestrating the movement in the air or use them to touch yourself, stroking firmly from your penis, up your belly to your chest, face, head or down your legs to the ground.

Play & Practice: Solo Play—Guided Visualization—Connecting with Your Sexual Power

Get comfortable. Close your eyes or put on your blindfold. Begin with slow, deep breaths. Let your breathing center you in your body.

As you inhale, imagine you’re pulling in vital life energy. Visualize it pouring into you. As you exhale, release tension. See your knots melt. Inhale pleasure. Envision your body illuminated with it. Exhale inhibitions. Watch them flow away.

Breathe into your shoulders, seeing and feeling your air fill them. Exhale and watch your breath release and flow out from them. Breathe into your chest. Let it open it like an umbrella. Exhale, allowing it to softly close. Breathe deeper, inspiring into your belly, allowing it to expand. See it filling with enlivening energy. Exhale, allowing it to relax into softness. Start pulling each breath deeper until you’re breathing into your pelvis. See light suffuse your bony cradle. Feel it filling with air and sparkling light, then softly let the air flow back out. Take several more deep breaths into and out of your pelvis. Imagine that with each breath, a warm glow builds. See it grow stronger, warmer, bigger. Breathe it into a bright flame. Notice how you can fire it up with your tools of intention, breath, awareness, vision, movement, sound and imagination.

Imagine hot inner sunlight bathing your genitals. Feel the light and your breath filling your juicy parts with blood and energy. See them glow! If you choose, place one or both hands on your erotic equipment. Circulate your energy into your hand and back into your crotch. Play with moving the heat from your genitals into your hand and back. Feel the tingles. Notice your body’s pleasure responses. See the glow spreading. Enjoy the sensations.

When you’re ready, start bringing your energy back into your pelvis, breathing it into the bony cradle. Bring it back into your belly, relaxing your tummy. Breath it back into your chest, letting your ribcage softly open and close. Finally, bring it back to your mouth and/or nose. Allow your awareness to just watch your breath, letting it fall back into its natural rhythm. Stay in a place of peace and relaxation.

Before you totally emerge from your trance, notice what you notice. What are you aware of, right at this moment? Make mental notes about what happened when you brought your awareness and attention to your body, then focused it on your sexy parts.

When you’re ready, wiggle your fingers and toes. Gently stretch and remove your blindfold or open your eyes.

You may want to make some notes in your journal about what happened and what you were able to do using your sexcraft tools. Did it help you see that you have the power to connect to your sexual energy?

Feel free to add self-stimulation to this exercise. You can play with yourself before you get started or add it when you get to the hand-on-your-luscious-parts part of the trip.

Play & Practice: Partner Play—Guided Touch Meditation

Receiver: passive, neutral. (Signal – if something is unpleasant or uncomfortable – tap, slight withdrawal, words, if needed)

Giver: active.
When touching energy field be careful not to graze the hair or skin. That tickles distracts, loses trust. Stay aware of what level your hand is at and don’t get unconscious and let it drop down and tickle.

Begin with Energy Field. Find the edge. Be still and feel it. Practice awareness. Allow you hand to sink gently into the boundary. Notice how that feels. Pull the edge of the energy field away – stretch it with your energy.

Landing: firm, solid. Swift (avoid the tickle zone)

Be still. Rest your hand. Let it be soft. Breathe. Let your hand be loose and get heavy.

Bring your awareness to the surface of your hand and notice. Breathe.

Bring your awareness to the skin under your palm. Notice. Breathe.

Play with alternating awareness of your palm, with awareness of their skin.

Breath into the surface of your hand, see if you can increase the awareness of your palm.

Send your breath out through your hand into them. See energy, light moving from your palm into them. Imagine heat pouring out through your hand into them.

Close your eyes. Forget that there’s a person’s hand here, or that you even know what a hand is. Imagine that you live in a world of darkness, so you have no idea what it looks like. Imagine that you’ve never felt one before. Beginner’s Mind.

Who are you doing his for – you or them? Like it’s an inanimate object. Imagine stroking velvet.

Explore the hand – discover what it can do, how it feels.

Play & Practice: Solo & Partner Play—Touch Circuits

Solo Play
The goal of this exercise is to use touch to discover how energy flows, connect to an energy circuit and then rev it up. You can do this with any part of your body, but here we’ll start with the genitals and then add the heart.

Begin with one hand on your genitals. Imagine energy moving between your palm and your genitals. Use your inner eye to envision light moving from your hand to your crotch and back. Or, if you prefer, feel warmth flowing and heating up. Notice vibrations, sensations or whatever else pops into your awareness that amplifies the experience. Use your breath, intention and awareness to ramp it up.

Now connect your luscious sexy parts to your heart by placing your other hand on your chest. Imagine a circuit of energy flowing through one hand, through your body and into the other hand. It can be light, vibrations, colors, heat or whatever works for you. Play with channeling the stream in different directions or imagine different colors of light. Go with the energy and see where it takes you. Enjoy!

Partner Play
You can play the same game with a partner.

Get in a comfortable position. Do eye-gazing or keep your eyes closed. Check in with each other before you begin to ensure that you’re sharing the same visualization and intention.

A good way to start is by connecting your heart energies and then bringing your genitals into the circuit. Place a hand on your partner’s heart and have that person do the same with you. Relax into your breathing, allowing it to softly synchronize. Visualize a light flowing from hearts to hands and then from hands to hearts, connecting you with each other at the heart-chakra level. Tune in to what you notice. If you want, share what you’re experiencing. Or, if you’d rather, stay wordless and share afterward.

Now add the genitals. Place your other hands gently on your partner’s parts. Tune in. Notice how you experience the energy. See what happens when you breathe slower. Or faster. See if you can ramp it up by using your intention to do so. Explore what increases your connection sensations.

Play & Practice: Solo Play—Pleasurable Eating

Do centering breaths before eating. Eat blindfolded. Smell your food. Make sound. Eat with as much sound as possible. Notice how the experience of food changes.

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