Discover the Secrets of Female Genital Anatomy

Did you know that …

  • Pound for pound, inch for inch women* have just as much erectile tissue as men?
  • Women have erectile equipment that even most professionals don’t know about? (This includes people such as gynecologists, midwives, sexuality teachers and anatomy experts)
  • Unlike a penis, the female erectile network isn’t an ‘all or nothing’ system when it comes to engorgement?
    A penis is either all soft, all semi-soft or all hard. You can’t have the head of the penis be hard while the shaft is soft. The female erectile equipment is made up of separate but connected structures so you can have one part be very engorged while other parts aren’t plumped up at all.
  • When you learn to turn on a woman’s entire erectile network, her pleasure level goes up … and up … and up. That’s how women are most likely to have multiple orgasms, mega-orgasms, orgasms with intercourse and other advanced erotic abilities.

If you want to learn how to play the instrument like a virtuoso, you’ve got to know where the parts are and how to make them plump and happy. That’s just one of the topics we teach at the Intimate Arts Center.

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* Please note that while we use the terms ‘female’ and ‘woman’, we are referring to the anatomy of people born with a vulva, vagina, female erectile network, uterus and ovaries. While the majority of those people identify as women, there are also some trans men with this equipment. The anatomy discussed here and in other places on our site and in our books does not include the genital anatomy of people who are intersex or who have constructed equipment.