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Succulent SexCraft Online Course
Four Sessions with Accompanying ‘Home Play’ Material

“I’m such  a good lover because I practice a lot on my own.”
-Woody Allen


The ONE YOU’VE BEEN LONGING FOR (and maybe didn’t even know it!).

Here’s where you’ll get all the fundamentals of SexCraft, which are the key to developing mastery of your erotic experience.

This is the FOUNDATION for everything else Sheri teaches. All her other classes, all her books, all her teaching starts with this: Learning to play your own ‘instrument’ and developing mastery of your own erotic abilities.

Amplify your PLEASURE. Expand your AROUSAL. Magnify your ORGASMS!

The power is in your hands! (So to speak.)

The power is in your heart, mind and body.

You have the power within you—and this course will help you:

  • Learn about your SexCraft tools and how to us them
  • Find the pathways to your power and your pleasure
  • Develop skill at exploring and evolving your own instrument
  • Help you learn to orchestrate your innate abilities and to make magnificent erotic ‘music,’ whether playing solo or with others.

Why SexCraft?
Because sex isn’t just natural, it’s a craft, and awesome sex is learnable!


Who This Course Is For

  • Singles & partners
  • All genders & orientations
  • Anyone who wants to:
    • Learn how to experience lots more pleasure & ecstasy
    • Become orgasmic; or more orgasmic; or multi-orgasmic; or mega-orgasmic.
    • Become more skilled at ramping up their arousal
    • Acquire the same skill set as Tantra experts and other ‘sex masters’
    • Develop a healthier relationship with their own sexuality

A Taste of Sheri Talking About the Importance of Solo Sex

 What We’ll Cover

We already have all the tools we need to experience extraordinary pleasure–they’re part of the package we were born with. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to consciously use their inner skills and abilities. Now you can! Join us as we explore your  ‘SexCraft toolkit’—the body, mind, heart and spirit skills that you can use to turn up your turn-on!

In this course, you’ll get tools to:

  • Increase your ability to receive pleasure. (Get more bang for your buck, so to speak!)
  • Generate and ramp up your arousal.
  • Access and amplify your erotic energy.
  • Wildly expand your orgasms.
  • Break free of limiting negative beliefs about sex, your body, pleasure and more!

Your Solo Skills Are the Foundation

This course focuses on “solo” or “self” skills—the techniques, tools and skills you can develop internally to expand your repertoire of what’s possible. We all have the ability to experience amazing pleasure, access ecstasy, create and increase our own arousal, and play with our sexual energy. This course will give you the tools to do so. Learn to play your own instrument and take your sexuality to a whole new level!

Yes, it’s about your solo sex. When you self-pleasure, it’s your learning lab, rehearsal hall, and self-care spa. It’s where you learn to play your own instrument, practice, give yourself pleasure and develop mastery!

AND: SexCraft isn’t only about the sex you have with yourself. It’s also about your relationship with your own sexuality and your connection with yourself. It’s about self-esteem, confidence and empowerment. It’s about self-love, self-care and self-pleasure.

Be An Awesome, Exciting (and Easy-to-Please) Partner

Nor is SexCraft only about when you have sex with yourself. You can use your inner SexCraft toolkit to create more pleasure and ecstasy when you’re with partners. If you’re highly skilled and totally turned-on, it makes for great partner play. After all, a skilled musician can play extraordinary duets … and is really really fun to play with!

Explore, Experiment, Expand & Integrate

Each week we’ll explore our different SexCraft tools, layering and combining our skills, developing proficiency and mastery as we explore what we have, experiment with how to use it,  expand our abilities and fully integrate our new capacities.

Learn to play and connect all of your erotic instruments.

WEEK 1: ExplorationWEEK 2: Experimentation WEEK 3: ExpansionWEEK 4: Immersion and Integration

Exploring the Mystery of Sex

The Integral Wholistic Sexuality Model
It’s All about Connection (first with yourself, then with others and everything)
It’s All about You
Learnable Skills: Your lifetime journey of learning
Many Ways: There’s no right way, only what works for you

Meet Your SexCraft Toolkit

Tools, Instruments, Skills
Playing Your Own Instrument
Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit

Explore Your SexCraft Toolkit Domains 

The Body Tools: Breath, Sound, Movement, Vision, Touch, Smell & Taste
The Mind Tools: Awareness, Intention, Attention, Presence, Authenticity, Trance, Imagination
The Heart Tools: Loving Intention, Loving Action, Courage, Forgiveness, Giving & Receiving, Witnessing
The Spiritual Tools: Sacred Intention, Sacred Sound, Meditation, Manifestation, Ritual, Ceremony

Play SexCraft Games:

Holding Loving Intentions, Practicing Love-In-Action
Breath Awareness, Expanding Breath
Sounds of Pleasure
Movement: Basic Pelvic Floor Play, Vibration
Arousal Awareness
Intentions: Open & Explore & Experiment
Running Erotic Experiments

Understanding Arousal & Orgasm

Altered States of Consciousness
The Journey of Arousal
Overcoming Arousal Blockers
The Surrender of Orgasm
Overcoming Orgasm Blockers

Playing with Polarity

The Dance of Polarity
Yin & Yang, Pussies & Puppies

Play More SexCraft Games

Arousal Breath, Yin Breath, Yang Breath
Breaking the Sound Barrier
Movement: Pelvic Rock, Undulation, Advanced Pelvic Floor Play
Orgasmic Awareness
Intentions: Permission. Liberation. Turn off radio FU
Making Mind Magic
Polarity Ritual

Connecting Your Tools

Sexy Celebration

Accessing Energy

Erotic Energy
Energy Pathways

Loving Your Whole Self

Body Love
Genital Love

Play Even More SexCraft Games

O-O-Opening Sounds
Crescendo Breath
Accessing Erotic Energy
Running Energy

Ecstatic Integration

Breathing Into Bliss
Expanding Erotic Energy
Energy Circuits

Erotic Mastery

Orgasmic Breath
Expanded Orgasm Skills

Play WAY More SexCraft Games

Amplifying Arousal
Expanding Erotic Energy
Allowing Ecstasy
Orgasmic Meditation Practices

Online Erotic Education? Tell Me More!

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Succulent SexCraft: Supercharging Your Pleasure

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