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“To witness two lovers is a spectacle for the gods.”

Who This Course Is For

  • Singles & partners
  • All ages, genders & orientations

A Taste of Sheri Talking About an Essential Partner-Play Skill

What We’ll Cover

Having sex with another person is an  intense and special experience. It’s not always smooth sailing, though. Does my body look good enough? Will I maintain my erection? Am I touching my partner skillfully enough? Questions like these arise often. Partner sex can deliver amazing connection and pleasure. It can also be challenging.

We all have what it takes to be a great lover. What’s lacking is the know-how. In this course, you’ll learn how to be the partner of your lover’s dreams—and, in the process, increase your confidence and sense of mastery. Specific topics we’ll cover in this four-week course include:

  • Skillful communication in the bedroom
  • The types and levels of touch
  • Creating a great ‘set and setting’ for romantic encounters
  • Getting back on track quickly when challenges arise.
  • The role of positivity and fun.
  • How to create and then play inside a ‘conjoined erotic trance’ (this is the state where intuitive magic happens).
  • How your pleasure is an essential ingredient to your shared pleasure!


WEEK 1: The Luscious LoverWEEK 2: Playing with FireWEEK 3: Erotic ExperimentsWEEK 4: Integration
  • Why SEX?
  • Becoming a Fabulous Lover
    • Starts with a Great Relationship with Your Self
    • Learning Skills
    • Platinum Rule, Not Golden
  • What’s Possible: The Vast Realms of Pleasure
  • Conscious Connection
  • SexCraft Toolkit: Solo Skills & Partner Skills
    • Awareness: balancing self-awareness (you) with partner-awareness (them) and duo-awareness (us)
    • Generosity
  • ‘Falling in love’ Template
  • Playing & Learning: Playpens, Improv Playdates, Talking Out of Bed
  • Communication: How to Play Really Nicely with Others
    • Positive Feedback: Positivity Soup & Sandwich
    • Authenticity & Honesty
  • Pleasure: Partner Pleasure Skills
  • Playing with Polarity: Pussies & Puppies, Yin & Yang, Masculine & Feminine
  • Igniting Desire: Sexual Attraction
    • Wanting & Being Wanted
  • Amplifying Arousal & Expanding Orgasm
  • Communication: Boundary Skills
    • Breaking Free of Language Limits
    • Wild & Wanton Words—Sexual Communication: Talking In Bed
  • Touch Skills
    • Four Languages of Positive Touch: nurturing, therapeutic, sensual, erotic
    • Boundaries
  • Testing Taboos: The Forbidden Fruit
  • Fantasy, Power Play & Role Play
  • Exploring Erotic Energy
    • Energy Circuits
    • Energy Sex
  • Erotic Experiments
  • From Challenge to Opportunity: Dealing with Breakdowns, Screw-Ups & Other Oop-sies
  • Short-Term Playmates: Conscious Hooking Up
  • Benefiting from Friends with Benefits
  • Conscious Consent
  • Long-term Relationship: From Fizzle to Sizzle
  • Love languages
  • Playing with Erotic Trance: Solo, Parallel & Conjoined Trance (Sexual Telepathy)
  • Authentic Relationship: No-Bullshit Relationships
    • Relationship Forms:
      • With Integrity: Celibacy, monogamy, open (polyamory, swinging)
      • Without Integrity:  heating, Adultery, Lying in any Form
  • Being the Wild, Divine Lover
  • Pleasure Rituals
  • Passionate Play
  • Mastering the Mystery

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Secrets of Partner Pleasure

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