ChitraguptaTemple02Our Sacred Sex Story (2016) Contest Winners

(Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted a story and/or voted! There were many great entries. These were voted the best.)

The Winners Get These Prizes:

1st Prize: A We-Vibe 4 Plus (retail value: $179). One of our favorite pleasure toys!

2nd Prize: Three Signed Books from Our Own Mango Garden Press: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal, Succulent SexCraft, Secrets of the Sex Masters

3rd prize: One Signed Book from Mango Garden Press: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal

First Place: Happy Lady (Linda Y., the Great Canadian Prairies)

I am a 52 year old woman, I have been married for 30 years to a wonderful man whose libido is considerably less than mine. We were both virgins when we got married. I have struggled with depression for 20 years. A year ago I moved into menopause and experienced my sexual awakening. Wow! Who knew sex could be this great?

I searched the web and found many amazing sexual resources, including some from Sheri Winston.

I let go of the fear of asking for MORE from my husband.

For 30 years, we had sex in the dark with the lights off once a week because you have sex on Sunday!

It took every ounce of courage for me to ask my husband to turn on the lights, to gaze into my eyes and to look at my yoni. It was strange and scary for both of us!

Looking deep into his eyes, I felt worthy for the first time in my life.

It felt like my heart was expanding as he gently caressed the petals of my precious flower.

We have discovered the joy of female ejaculation and extended massive orgasm!!

My 20-year struggled with depression is 100% gone!

Orgasms will do that, you know!!

This is a true story. I’m one Happy Lady!!

‘Happy Lady’

Second-Place Winner: Ocean Beach Love (Sunna, Nova Scotia)

The crisp Atlantic Ocean calls me. I slowly undress for her, allowing the breeze to sweep across my skin. I raise my arms so the wind can fill my colourful sarong with life, flapping like a proud flag. The quick-sand-like beach grabs at my ankles, coaxing me in. I rush in, breathless, heart pounding, I give myself to her. She lifts me so I’m weightless on my back, my cold firm nipples piercing the surface are kissed by the hot sun. Breathing deeply I’m overwhelmed by the contrasting sensations. I open my legs, feeling the cold water swirl around the warm petals that outline the depths of my soul. My eyes are closed, but all I see is light. I feel unconditionally loved. My salt kissed body emerges, and is embraced by an intense red-orange heat. Laying on the soft hot sand, I’m immediately warmed and my legs are invited to open with the promise of more heat. Fully exposed, heat enters me. My breath slows as I feel the beads of water evaporating like butterfly kisses all over my body. I can feel my pulse throbbing, reminding me that I’m alive. Flooded by inexplicable emotions, I feel your warm familiar presence surround me. I release. Flooded by tears of gratitude, for knowing you, loving you, knowing me, and loving me, all of me.

Third-Place Winner: Gush (Jo-Jo, Western Massachusetts)

Have you ever gushed? she asked me on the subway as we were headed back to her apartment. I felt my face turn crimson. I hadn’t even had sex with another person since my ex-husband ran off with our massage therapist two years before. No, I whispered in a ragged voice. You will tonight, she said, running her fingers along the hem of my lace skirt. I felt a shiver along my spine, and my yoni swelled with anticipation until I thought the whole train must know what we were about to do. At her place, she put me in a steamy, rose-scented bath with candles while she prepared the room. I sunk into the water and began to touch myself. When she returned and saw what I was doing, she plunged her hands into the bath and pulled my yoni into her mouth. I would have come on the spot, but she stopped me. Wait, she said, I want to taste your waters too. She toweled me off in front of the fire, and my skin prickled in the heat. Then I was on the bed and she was in me and on me, like I’d never felt before. There was a thrum in my pussy, and I felt her hands and fingers and mouth enveloping me, pulling me toward a new horizon. Clouds gathered, the ocean swelled. I surged and came, flooding her mouth. The drought was over.