Jozsa-w- laptop-FAQFAQ: Online Erotic Education

Why would I want to do erotic education? And why would I want to do it online?

If you like sex, you’d probably like to have better sex, even if it’s pretty great already. That’s where erotic education comes in—it can help everyone go from okay to good, from good to great and from great to spectacular.

As for the online part, the prospect of going to an in-person, ‘bricks-and-mortar’ sex class makes some people uncomfortable. We understand why—this is sex we’re talking about, after all! It can also be inconvenient. You have to travel to the venue and it has to fit in your schedule. Online erotic education, by contrast, is safe, comfortable and convenient. You can do it in the comfort of your home. And it’s also very affordable!

What happens in a  virtual classroom? How do I ‘attend?’ What technology do I need?

A virtual or online class is both a visual and auditory experience that you access via the internet on a computer, tablet or smart phone. A regular phone won’t work as these classes are visually rich experiences.

What are Sheri’s teaching sessions like?

During her online webinars, Sheri talks on camera and shares fun and useful images. In live sessions, she elicits comments and questions from students.

Even if you can’t make it to the live session, it often happens that someone else asks the same question you would. If you’re a student in a live course, you can also join our private discussion group where questions and comments can be posted. Each class session runs 75-90 minutes.

What’s the difference between courses and classes?

A class is a single presentation. Go here for more about single-class lectures.
A course is made up of two to four classes, delivered weekly over two to four weeks. It’s a multi-class immersion. Click here to see the upcoming live course schedule.

What’s a course cluster?

A course cluster is a series of courses focused on a single overarching topic. A cluster usually consists of 2–4 courses.

Who are the classes for?

They’re for ALL GENDERS. (Unless otherwise noted.)

They’re for singles and partners of all kinds.

They’re also supremely useful for all types of healing professionals.

Do I have to attend the live webinars at their appointed time? What if I can’t make it?

We encourage you to attend the live weekly presentations and have the opportunity to comment and ask questions via our chat feature.

If you can’t make the live session, a video recording is posted online within 24 hours of the live class for all students to peruse at their convenience.

We strongly encourage students to attend each session (live or via the recording) before the next class happens. The following week’s class builds on the previous class’s material.

Which course in a course cluster should I take? Is the material repetitious??

You can take any one or two or all of the courses! If you want to get the most out of our offerings, we encourage you to take all of the courses in a cluster as they’re designed to work together to give you a more complete and useful erotic education. We offer generous discounts on multi-course subscriptions (20% for any two courses in a cluster and 33% off for all three).

There is some repetition, but it is minimal and usually useful as it reinforces important concepts.

How are live and recorded classes different?

Live Courses:  In these courses, you get to ‘attend’ live webinar classes where you can participate, comment and ask questions. Purchasers of our live courses have lifetime access to the recorded versions of the classes. They also get lots of yummy extras, including additional resources (text/video), specially-designed ‘home play’ assignments to help you embody the education, special deals, and inclusion in our private Intimate Arts Online co-learning community.

Recorded Courses: Purchasers of our evergreen courses get lifetime access to the recordings of all the classes i the series plus additional resources (text/video), suggested ‘home play’ assignments—and, often, special deals.

Recorded Single Classes: Purchasers of our single session classes get lifetime access to the recorded class which includes Sheri’s lecture and delightful and informative images.