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The web-integrated supplement to
Succulent SexCraft

Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice
for Men and Women, Singles and Partners

Regularly Updated with Additional Practices, Videos, Resources

Become a sexual virtuoso! Learn to use your SexCraft toolkit in this fun, easy, hot and smart guide to the erotic arts. Discover Wholistic Sexuality™, the integral, inspirational and empowering path to achieving your full sexual potential and making you a masterful lover. Learn how anyone, solo or partnered, can amp up their erotic experience and give exquisite pleasure to others.

Lavishly illustrated with erotic, fun, sexy, funny, hot, classy, beautiful artwork, photos and illustrations. Packed with sexy games, fun activities and invaluable information, this sequel to sex teacher Sheri Winston’s award-winning Women’s Anatomy of Arousal gives the gift that keeps on giving—a lifetime of ecstasy.

Succulent SexCraft integrates my Wholistic Sexuality™ model into a practical, fun, usable guide that will help anyone become the whole, sexually integrated person they long to be. It’s a play and practice guide for everyone, single or partnered, male, female or anywhere in between, whatever their age or orientation. See below for more details …

Here’s a brief description of what you’ll get:

Among the many maps and models the book offers are:

  • Wholistic Sexuality Paradigm
  • The SexCraft Toolkit for Transformation, using your Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit
  • The Whole Yin Yang Thang
  • The Pussies and Puppies School of Love
  • Your Genitals in a Nutshell
  • Genital Joy for All
  • The Four Languages of Positive Touch
  • and more

Some of the many games and practices include:

  • Guided Anatomy Tours
  • Pelvic Breathing
  • Fire Breath Orgasm
  • Re-writing Your Sexual Stories
  • Energy Sex Skills
  • The Magic Inner Movie
  • Getting In Touch
  • Yin Breath, Yang Breath
  • Ocean Breath
  • Playing with Erotic Energy Pathways
  • and many more