Sheri's Holding A Pelvis!

Sheri’s holding a pelvis! Cool bones!

Essays & Articles

Selected writings by the Center’s founder and executive director, Sheri Winston.

Wholistic SexualityTM
An overview of the basic premises of Wholistic SexualityTM.

Super Sexuality – Bigger, Better Orgasms
Do you know how to have spectacular prolonged orgasms every time you have sex? When you read this article you will!

Missing Sexy Pieces
It’s sad but true, in this 21st century age of information, we lack the basic truth about our sexual anatomy.

An Orgasm A Day…
…may not entirely keep the doctor away but it sure will help! Find out about the some of the many benefits of orgasms.

Sensual Interaction Guidelines
A set of useful guidelines for sensual and sexual play that’s will help you be safe and have more fun!

The Breastmilk Theory of Love
A look at the roots of love and attachment and how our early feeding and nurturing experiences influence the taste of love.

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For more of Sheri’s writing, plus some of Carl Frankel’s and for video blogs, we invite you to visit The Juicy Bits Blog.

And don’t forget Sheri’s 2010 award-winning book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal – Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure, a unique, much raved about book that expands on everything she’s written here. For all women and for those who love to love them!