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Chapter 6: The Whole Yin Yang Thang


Yin-Yang In The Body

This is the model of bodily polarity in the Tantra tradition and reflects a heterosexual, male-yang, female yin perspective. Your ‘natural’ polarity may be different from this model.

Yang: Penis—stalwart, penetrating, focused. In Tantra, it’s considered energetically to be the positive pole. (How perfect a play on words is that?) You can also penetrate with fingers, tongue, stand-ins for body parts (like insertable toys) as well as ideas and words.
Yin: Vagina and anus—receptive potential must be coaxed open!
Yang: Tongue
Yin: Mouth, ears
Female chest/breasts—positive pole.
Male chest/breasts—negative pole.

Depth Aspect of Yin & Yang in the Body

Testicles—yin aspect of masculine yang
Uterus—yang aspect of feminine yin

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