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Chapter 5: Altered States of Erotica



Name That Orgasm!

Do you have any orgasmic terms to add?  Send us your own orgasm names. Include a definition, if you think that’s needed. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the “Comment” button.

  • Laugh-gasm
  • Sob-gasm
  • Mega-gasm
  • Squirt-gasms
  • Kriyas—little shivery energy orgasms (an oft-used word in the neo-Tantra world)
  • Energy orgasms
  • Chakra-gasms
  • Heart-gasms, love-gasms

More Hot and Juicy Tips for Starter Orgasms (for Women)
  1. Set aside regular time for solo sex. Practice gives you access!
  2. Relax about the goal. Stress and performance anxiety are not your friend. Practice pleasure, not striving for orgasm. Focus on discovering your pleasure maps. Explore ways to increase your pleasure. Take your time. Relax into your pleasure.
  3. Remember that there is no one right way. Your job is to run your own experiments and discover what works for you.
  4. Discover your easiest path. For many women, it’s your hand, a vibrator or a shower massager, focused on the head of your clitoris.
  5. Play with yourself using your hand. As you keep practicing, you’ll be able to expand your pathways and find more types of stimulation that do it for you. (Don’t worry that a partner won’t be able to do it ‘right,’ just like you do. You’ll teach them later how you like it.)
  6. Play with yourself using a vibrator. (Don’t worry about getting addicted to the vibrator—it won’t happen. It’s simply a tool that can help you find your easy way. You can branch out after you establish a first path that works.)
  7. Play with yourself using a hand-help shower massager. Just imagine the possibilities of pleasure with hot water pulsating on your most sensitive parts.
  8. Practice playing with your inner tools. Use your body. Along with your touch, breathe, make sound and move. Especially useful movements include pumping your pelvic floor muscles and rocking your hips.
  9. Use your mind tools. Most women need to be present to get turned on and orgasmic. Use imagination, fantasy, attention and awareness. Turn off negative tapes.
  10. Over-write negative tapes. Learn to reprogram your mental narration. One way is to get rid of “should”, “can’t” and “ought.”
  11. Be patient. Learning to play the instrument of yourself takes time.
  12. Enjoy the journey!
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