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Chapter 2: The Ghosts of Sex Past and Present




My Sex Life Story

Here’s an opportunity to reflect on and summarize your sexuality journey. You can do it once or create as many versions as you want. If you like, share with friends and partners. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the “Comment” button.

Option #1. My Sex Life In Brief
Write the story of your sex life in 50 words or less.

Option #2. My Sex Life In A Tweet
Write the story of your sex life in 140 characters or less.

If you tweet yours on Twitter, use #SexLifeIB.
Post your tweet here (anonymously, of course)!

Here’s Carl’s 140-character story:
Busted by Mom who pretended not to notice. Thought I knew it all until I knew I didn’t. Ai yi yi! An eager, happy student now. #SexLifeIB

And Sheri’s:
Curious & precocious. Just try it all. Learned to love it, w/i my own boundaries. I’m good at this! Pleasure=POWER! Yay for sex! #SexLifeIB

Sex: Why Do It?

We’re compiling a list of why people have sex. Come check it out and feel free to add to it (anonymously)!

  • Pleasure
  • Connection
  • Obligation
  • Revenge
  • Expectations
  • Obligation
  • To get turned on, to get off, to have orgasms
  • To be touched
  • Desire
  • For money
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