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Chapter 14: Spirit Matters



Making Sacred Sound
  • Take a few moments and say a prayer for your erotic experience.
  • Chant a sacred chant.
  • Tone.
  • Try the traditional Tantric sounds for each chakra (see pages 166-167). Or create and explore your own versions.
  • Sing a song that speaks to you of the sacredness of your body, your sex play, your divinity and that of others.
  • Use sacred silence. Silence provides the space for greater awareness and expansion of the erotic energy.

What’s Your Favorite Music for Sacred Sex?
  • Find music that feels sacred to you and play it during luscious lovemaking sessions. I’m a big fan of Qawwali, the ecstatic devotional music of the Sufis. Play music that carries you away.

Feel free to add your favorites.

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