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Interested in partnering with us? We welcome inquiries from values-aligned individuals  and organizations.

There are three basic ways to partner with us:

1) Book or sponsor Sheri to teach

2) Become an affiliate

3) Other opportunities

Sponsoring and Booking

Are you interested in booking or sponsoring Sheri Winston for a live class or talk? Sheri offers many different sex-ed classes and workshops, including programs for non-profits, colleges, and businesses. Most of her classes can be modified to suit the needs of specific audiences. Possible formats include lectures, classroom instruction, interactive workshops, tele-seminars and retreats.

Sheri is also available for professional trainings for a variety of healthcare providers and educational professionals.

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Marketing Partnerships

As an affiliate partner, you earn 50% on all sales of our online courses (live and recorded) to people you’ve referred to our website. How much you earn will be proportionate to how effectively you promote our offerings. Becoming an affiliate is easy—go here.


We welcome serious partnership inquiries that are values-aligned and potentially remunerative. This includes consulting expertise on product development, writing articles for your website, co-developing a coaching program, etc.

Want to explore collaborating? Contact us!