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Chapter 3: A Vision of Sex Future

Your Sexual Stories: More “Questions to Ponder”

Let’s look at your personal, complex and utterly unique ‘sexual stories.’

  • Is sex only for couples? What about solo sex? Are groups okay?
  • What’s the best way for children to learn about sex? Who should teach them? What should they be taught? When?
  • Who do you believe it’s okay to have sex with? Who is off limits? Does the person have to have a certain physical appearance? Belong to a certain race? Have a certain gender?
  • Do you believe it’s something to be ashamed of if things don’t go according to your sexual script?
  • How do you handle partner sex miscues and mishaps?
  • How did you learn about sex, specifically what to do and how to do it? Was it a good or bad learning environment?
  • What does it mean to be romantic?
  • If you’re interested in having sex with someone, how do you let them know?
  • Do you have pre-sex conversations? (If not, you may want to visit our Safer Sex Conversation Resource.)
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